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Transport - School Bus

The School provides Bus facility across Kolkata covering majority of the areas, our children are picked up and dropped without having to undergo any risks and stress during their transportation between the school and their nearest designated points.

Our buses are fitted with speed governors, security cameras and all other safety features required for the school children. The Routes and designated stops are planned conveniently so that the children do not spend their valuable time travelling and straining themselves in the bus.

The school buses have GPS system to its fleet to maintain the accuracy of pick up and drop and real-time information of the fleet.

Transport - School Bus Fee

Distance Fee
Up to 5kms  Rs. 3750/-
From 5 to 10kms   Rs. 4250/-
From 10 to 15kms   Rs. 4550/-
From 15 and above Rs. 4750/-

Please Note

1. Final route chart with timings will be updated before the start of the new session.
2 Bus Routes along with timings will be finalised once the pick up routes are finalised before the start of the new session