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We are dedicated to empowering our students, guiding them towards their goals, and supporting them every step of the way. Through our nurturing environment, we transform their ideas into passionate endeavors, fostering creativity and innovation. As we pave the road to success, we instill valuable leadership skills, inspiring a generation of confident and capable leaders. Together, we build a foundation that prepares our students to embrace challenges, contribute meaningfully, and make a positive impact in their lives and the world around them. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and leadership!

Darshan Mutha


May our school be a canvas where dreams paint reality

Darshan exemplifies a rare blend of an entrepreneur, educator, and innovator. His enriching career, spanning over two decades, underscores his pioneering contributions to the transformation of education-centric services, setting him leagues ahead. Within his significant role at JFA, Darshan has fostered an enduring dedication to education, a commitment that reaches far beyond his immediate responsibilities. As the founder of a highly esteemed educational management consultancy, he has been at the helm of a paradigm shift in our understanding and management of educational institutions. More importantly, Darshan possesses an innate proficiency in implementing cutting-edge technological systems and effectively steering teams to utilize them. This proficiency not only amplifies his contribution to the institutions he is associated with, but also encapsulates his vision of a technologically integrated educational system. His meticulous nurturing and management have birthed and grown a diverse spectrum of educational institutions. His influence resonates across nearly a dozen such establishments that he has incubated and steered towards success. Darshan’s enduring affiliations with esteemed entities such as the Jain Group of Institutions, Shasun Foundation, Muthoot Finance, and Panchshil, among numerous others, mirror his unwavering commitment to the ongoing evolution of the education sector. This dedication, coupled with his love for technology, solidifies his standing as a respected and progressive leader within the field.

Dr. Jayeeta Ganguly


Dr. Jayeeta Ganguly epitomizes excellence in education with over 15 years of enriching experience. From prestigious institutions in New Jersey, USA, to renowned IB and CBSE schools in Bangalore, her journey as an educator has been illustrious. As Principal of nationally acclaimed CBSE and international schools, her leadership has been transformative. Dr. Ganguly's academic prowess, backed by a doctoral degree in Education and recognition with the Educator’s Honor Roll Award in the USA, reflects her commitment to advancing learning paradigms. Her role as an honorary member of the advisory board at Manipal University, Karnataka, underscores her influence in shaping educational discourse.

At the heart of Dr. Ganguly's philosophy lies a deep-seated belief in student-centered, experiential pedagogy. She champions empathy and compassion as essential ingredients for meaningful learning experiences. Recognizing the pivotal role of values like acceptance and collaboration in nurturing global citizens, she fosters diverse and inclusive classroom environments. Driven by her passion for literature, she inspires students to explore the transformative power of reading and writing for self-discovery and self-expression.

Dr. Ganguly's illustrious career So and in India with renowned educational institutions like Indus International Bangalore, Sri Ram Global, and an Indo Swedish School based on the unique personalised ecperiential approach- Kunskapsskolan. Each enriching her understanding of innovative learning methodologies. With a blend of academic expertise, visionary leadership, and a deep-seated commitment to holistic education, Dr. Jayeeta Ganguly continues to inspire and empower students on their educational journey.


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