Why Join Jain Futuristic Academy

It is often said that our experiences shape who we are as individuals. Our experiences can influence our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. They can also shape our identity and how we perceive the world around us. It is common to think of ourselves as a sum total of all of our experiences, as they contribute to the person we are today and the person we will become in the future.
Illustrated below are some of the experiences and reasons why Jain Futuristic Academy is the ideal choice for your child.


Proven Experiential Pedagogy

A rigorous curriculum that challenges and stretches every student to be the best that they can be. Regular and robust assessment and reporting system that clearly informs you about your child’s progress

Comprehensive Labs

Comprehensive Labs ranging from Robotics and 3-D Printing. Music and Dance Studios boast of acoustic wall panels and storage for musical instruments. Mirror panels and sensory gel floor tiles adorn the dance studio.

Campus & Facility

A 2-acre campus with 45% open space and centrally air-conditioned.  Every child in the school has a space of 20 sq. ft. in the classroom. In the full area of the campus, 100 sq. ft. is dedicated to each child. The purpose is to make the child work, study, and learn.

Self Defense

Mandatory self-defense training from Class I onwards. In this day and age, self-defense is one of the most important things. Majority of children don’t know how to defend themselves when subjected to violence. Having kept this glaring point in mind, JFA is training students with such combative skills.

Extensive Sports Facilities

Basketball, Volleyball, Shooting and Athletics under trained professionals. We also have infrastructure in place for Archery and Rock-Climbing. JFA believes in providing your child with the best possible outdoor experience.

Amazing Faculty

Empathetic, caring and well-trained faculty aligned to this unique pedagogy. JFA believes in a holistic development of the child, making it a springboard for exponential growth in their career as well as developing a positive parent-child relationship.

Child-to-teacher ratio 1:10

At JFA, small class sizes at young ages can improve standardized test outcomes later on in a child’s education. Children need more dedicated attention to stay safe and have their needs tended to.

Safe, Secure Campus and Transport

All round surveillance of school premises along with GPS devices in school transport as well as the provision of RFID Tags which shall enable tracking of a child. Buses will be equipped with CCTV cameras. A Sister(didi) will be accompanying the children to and fro in the school bus.  Our school is leaving no stone unturned as far as safety and security measures for children on the school premises are concerned.    

Co-curricular experiences are as critical as academic work. Co-curricular activities are educational experiences that are outside of the traditional classroom or academic curriculum. These activities are designed to supplement and complement the academic experience of students and include activities such as clubs, sports, community service, and leadership development programs. Co-curricular activities provide a range of benefits to students, including opportunities to develop new skills, explore new interests, build relationships, and enhance personal growth and development. Participation in co-curricular activities will help our students to become more well-rounded and better prepared for success in school and beyond.

JFA Admission

Admission process at JFA is simple and convenient. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the school. We are always happy to speak to interested parents.