Welcome to the heart of our school - the JFA Cafeteria!

We, at JFA, firmly believe that a well-nourished student is set up for success. Our cafeteria serves as more than just a food service location; it's an engaging and warm space where students can refuel their bodies and minds, reenergize, and interact with their fellow students.

Here's what sets our cafeteria apart:

Delicious and Healthy Fare: Our talented culinary team is dedicated to preparing a menu that offers a wide variety of delectable and nutritious options. We always prefer fresh ingredients and adhere to best practices to ensure our meals are appetizing while meeting the highest nutritional standards.

Diverse Menu Selection: Understanding that our students have unique tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements, our cafeteria menu is curated to satisfy a range of choices, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. We are committed to accommodating the diverse dietary needs of our student community.

A Welcoming Environment: The cafeteria offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for students to enjoy their meals. With comfortable seating, lively decor, and a cordial staff, we aim to create an environment where students can unwind, interact, and reenergize during their breaks.

Prioritizing Food Safety: Your child's health and safety are our prime concerns. Our cafeteria adheres to stringent hygiene and food safety protocols to ensure that all meals are prepared and served in a clean and safe environment. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and strictly follow food safety guidelines.

Experience our cafeteria's welcoming atmosphere, and personalized service firsthand. We believe in a holistic approach to education, which includes not only academic growth but also nourishment of the mind and body. At JFA, our goal is to provide a cafeteria experience that uplifts our students' well-being, promotes healthy dietary habits, and cultivates a sense of camaraderie among our student community.

Please note: 

1. JFA is strictly a vegetarian campus.

2. Food is an optional AND additional service for the students to opt for at added-cost.


Primary: Rs.5500/- Per Quarter ( Breakfast & Lunch)

Elementary: Rs.6350/- Per Quarter (Breakfast, Lunch & Snack)