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A simple 3 step admission process

Our admission process is created to give you a clear sense of our program and to give us the opportunity to get to know you and your child a little better.

Nursery to Class 6 (2023-24)

Forms for Admission 2023-24 are now available.

Parents are requested to fill the application online using the link provided below. Once you submit the application we request you to make the application fee payment of Rs.1500/- (Rupees  One Thousand and Five Hundred only). 


Only completed applications, with the application fee paid will be processed by the admissions office.

Age Criteria

admission in the academic session 2023-24, eligibility of a candidate to a particular class will be based on the age of the candidate as on 30.09.2022.
Class Age Date of Birth
Nursery 2 years + 01.10.2019 to 30.09.2020
LKG 3 years + 01.10.2018 to 30.09.2019
UKG 4 years + 01.10.2017 to 30.09.2018
I 5 years + 01.10.2016 to 30.09.2017
II 6 years + 01.10.2015 to 30.09.2016
III 7 years + 01.10.2014 to 30.09.2015
1V 8 years + 01.10.2013 to 30.09.2014
V 9 years + 01.10.2012 to 30.09.2013
VI 10 years + 01.10.2011 to 30.09.2012
1. Contact us

Want to find out more about Jain Futuristic Academy? Contact our Admissions Officer at info@jfaedu.com. We look forward to the opportunity to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

2. Initial visit

Our campus is under development and will be open from Dec 2022 for visits.

A guided tour will be made available to anyone interested. School Visits are done Monday to  Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to  1 p.m., Tours can be completed before or after submitting an application for admission. We believe school visits are the best way to assist parents in determining program fit. We welcome you to see our dynamic learning environment!

Contact us to schedule your visit:
Call us at : +91 91635 22225
Email us on: info@jfaedu.com