Jain Futuristic Academy: An Experiential Learning School In Kolkata

We are a Kindergarten to Grade 12, Experiential Learning School in New Town, Kolkata. In Our School curriculum and experiential learning methods are based on preparing our students for their Future. SPK Jain Futuristic Academy is among the few International Schools in Kolkata follwing Experiential Learning methods intensively to make our students ready to conquer the 21st Century challenges.

Why SPK Jain Futuristic Academy

The adults of tomorrow will live and work in an environment different from ours, and it is our aim to help our children succeed in it. Hence, we have developed an Experiential Curriculum which merges academic excellence, leadership skills and development of 21st century competencies.

Experiential Pedagogy
Teacher to Child Ratio
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Sporting Facilities
Martial Arts
Safe & secure

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